Lake Dillon Fly Fishing Inlets Holding Trout in Early Spring

Lake Dillon fly fishing inlets holding trout in early spring, which is great for early season fly fishing anglers. We even had a grand slam yesterday with one client catching all four species rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee salmon and arctic char which is good news this early in spring!

The pre-spawning rainbows haven’t really showed up since the lake is just starting to thaw and open up. Midges and some light mayfly activity has started, but attractor patterns seem to be working best, like pheasant tails, worm patterns, caddis emergers, soft hackles, and eggs.

Unseasonably warm weather is throwing a curveball as far as entomology is concerned, so rotating through flies will get better production and put more fish on the line. Waiting until the warmest part of the day has been producing better action and with Lake Dillon set to thaw around mid May, looks like there is ample opportunity to fish Lake Dillon’s three awesome inlets until runoff comes down and muddies everything up, come late May.

Lake Dillon river inlets are at a native type low flow right now although when the runoff comes down it brings trees and all kinds of other debris down the river with it, at that point it is not a good time to be out there wading in that swift moving chocolate milk. When runoff comes down it usually lasts from late May till mid June then the water will slowly recede back closer to the native type flows come july 1st or thereabouts.

Now is a great time to be out fly fishing on Lake Dillon’s majestic 3 river inlets until the runoff comes down late May. The key word here is spring and in Breckenridge’s high country, May can bring great sunny weather around 55-60 degrees or it can be snowing depends on the minute. Good news once the runoff muddies everything up and we sideline our fly fishing rods for a week or two, the charter fishing is on point! Late May all the way through June lake temps are the best of the year and we sleigh it on these charter fishing trips.

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