Kokanee Salmon and ice fishing on Lake Dillon

the Kokanee salmon are abundant while ice fishing on Lake Dillon here last week or so and are displaying that beautiful vibrant red sheen to them and the hook jaw which are distinct features of these land locked fish! These fish are the landlocked sockeye salmon. Prior to spawn Kokanee display a silver shine to them, but start to turn vibrant red and green colors. Spawning males present a greenish olive tint on their heads, and a bright red sheen to them with the “hook jaw” and a jump on their back. Spawning females show slightly less coloration than males. Kokanee feed primarily on zooplankton on Lake Dillon. Populations of Kokanee run up streams or rivers after 2-5 years in a open body of water. Give us a call if you’d like to target these species specifically on your ice fishing trip!

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