Charter Boat Fishing in Summit County

What better way to relax while cast fishing and trolling for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Kokanee Salmon? All while surrounded by breathtaking mountain views of the ten mile range in Summit County. Come enjoy a charter trip with Big Ed’s just 25-30 minutes from Breckenridge. We cater to families with small children to avid anglers alike. Come experience some of Breckenridge’s best fishing and enjoy a day on the water with you and your family. Departs from slip B-29 at Dillon Marina.

Charter Boat Fishing Trips 1/3 day (3 Hours)

1/3 Day Fishing Trips depart daily at 9:30 am, 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm. Guests are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to trip departure. Big Ed’s 24-foot pontoon fishing boats are equipped with 8ft. Bimini tops, rod holders, downriggers, trolling setup, and plenty of room for going after the big catch.

Charter Boat Pricing Per Party

• Party of 1: $130.00
• Party of 2: $196.00
• Party of 3: $294.00
• Party of 4: $392.00

Got a larger group than 4? Say 5 or 6 and looking for just your group or family to go out fishing?  Well, you’re in luck because Big Ed’s offers discounted, per person pricing by booking a private charter. Receive an added savings for your larger group by calling or booking online using the private fishing charter button when reserving online and you’ll have the boat for just your group all to yourself.”

*note 5-6 people is considered a private charter fishing trip and no other groups will be booked at this trip date and time on that particular boat.

For a party of 4 or more, please call for your pricing! Call: 970-389-1720

Limit 6 per charter trip, but can accommodate multiple boats if necessary

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Large Groups 7+ people

•10% discount will be applied when you check in so if you’d like to book online go ahead reserve your spot and you will receive a 10% credit once you check in at trip time as long as your group size is over 7 people or larger.  Call for more details
• Can accommodate up to groups of 24

Kids 10 and under fish for free with every paying adult!

Got Someone in Your Group That Doesn’t Want to Fish, But Would Love a Scenic Tour?

Just call us and we can usually add someone who doesn’t wish to fish for only $40 to cruise with us! Based upon availability, so call ahead.

More Information About Our Charter Fishing on Lake Dillon

Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures has been fishing on Lake Dillon since 2004 which has given us the last 15 years to perfect fishing on high alpine waters for cold water species of trout and salmon. We’ve figured out everything from lure selection and size to the super duper secret spots no one else knows about.

Rainbow Trout is the most common fish we catch on Lake Dillon or “rainbows” as we call them for short. We are also fishing for Kokanee Salmon which is the landlocked brother of the Pacific Sockeye Salmon, which means it will never make it back to the ocean or is “landlocked”. The Kokanee Salmon run usually happens in the fall into early winter (November 1-January 1) and is when they get that hook jaw. However we catch a bunch of these species in June on the charter boat trips, so if you’re looking for a Kokanee Salmon trip, June is the time to go!

June and July are great months to charter fish in the alpine environment for all species as water temps are right where we like them. The Brown Trout is somewhat elusive in Lake Dillon although they’re are caught quite often throughout the summer, but you got to angle well with a bit of luck chucked in. The Brown Trout like being around structure and with Lake Dillon being a bit lax in structure we have to go angling for the Brown trout. Trolling along the dam wall or in a high weed area is our best bet to catch the monster Brown Trout of Lake Dillon.

The Arctic Char is another elusive fish out there on Lake Dillon that are often caught before the dog days of summer roll in. The Arctic Char are sensitive fish and as soon as the surface temps get warm they hangout in the lower depths of Lake Dillon where the water is cooler. We do catch Arctic Char later in summer just not as often. The Arctic Char is a beautiful fish that many groups come from all over the world specifically to catch.  The Arctic Char is a catch and release fish only, and must be returned to the water promptly.

However you can keep four (4) (bag limit) total of any of the three other species per licensed individual. Charter boat trips depart at 6am, 9:30am, 1pm and 4:30pm and are three hours long for our half day and this is our most common trip. 95% of our guests and anglers that come fishing with us select the half day trip. We also offer a full day, six-hour charter trip that departs at 6am, 9:30am and 1pm for the avid angler or a group that wants to get out and fish and be on the water all day.

Here’s what you can expect on a typical 3-hour trip with Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures.

Guests arrive at Lake Dillon marina 150 marina drive Dillon CO 80435 at dock B, slip 30, 15 minutes prior to trip departure. You and your group will sign a waiver, we’ll collect payment and then push off from the dock. We get groups fishing about 5 minutes after we leave the dock, as we don’t have extensive travel times on Lake Dillon, so no time is wasted. We start by describing the vistas of the surrounding peaks of the Ten Mile Range and the gorgeous Gore Mountain Range and general local information. We’ll then blast off to our first fishing spot, The Highway 6 cove where you will be given the option to retrieval type lure fish or you can lazy man’s fish as it’s often called aka “trolling” up and down the Highway 6 cove.  Either way it is your trip so just let us know what you prefer.

We realize without you all being here we wouldn’t be either so we want your group to tell us what you prefer lure fishing or trolling as we have learned everyone is different and our guides can accommodate everyone no matter the style you choose. After fishing the Hhighway 6 cove we can either troll the dam wall or we can go try our luck at one of the three river inlets Lake Dillon has to offer. One of the really cool ways to charter fish in the mountain lakes is to nose the boats into the fresh river water coming into the lake, as far as you can, and as you drift out casting your line across the fresh river water and retrieving the lure back to the boat. These strikes are fast and fun, trout and salmon love to chase! We have great luck with this fishing method and is often our most successful way of catching fish on Lake Dillon. The Blue River inlet and the Ten Mile river inlet are where we spend a good amount of time on summer charter boat fishing trips. Once about halfway through the trip we’ll slowly work our way back to the Dillon marina with a lap around Lake Dillon’s 28 Miles of shoreline stopping off at a couple more fishing spots.

The 6 hour trip will cover all parts of the reservoir. Young children and novice anglers usually get the hang of the style of fishing we do in about 20 minutes or so. Our guides are there to work with you and get everyone fishing correctly. The guides we have are passionate about helping people and young children learn to fish as Big Ed’s guides are lifelong fishermen who are passionate and every guide we have with Big Ed’s has been with us for several summer and winter seasons as guides. Big Ed’s guides love what they do and are passionate about passing it on to others straight up and there’s no denying it once you come out with us! Our close proximity to Breckenridge (25 minutes away), coupled with the breathtaking views of the Ten Mile Range, make this a trip you and your group/family won’t soon forget!

Services and Gear

Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures provides all the important gear needed for a day of charter fishing. We will provide the rod, reel, tackle, boat, gas, and guide so that you can concentrate on the important things, such as how big the fish are that you’re going to bag. As Big Ed’s is an experienced fishing charter company, we know how important good gear is in the high country. The high alpine environment features rapidly changing weather conditions, which means that every sportsman, regardless of their chosen sport, depends upon good and proper gear. This is why we operate two state-of-the-art, brand new 2017 Sun Tracker 22′ fishing barge pontoons that are equipped with 90 horsepower Command Thrust Mercury motors. These two new pontoons are specially designed and setup for fishing by the manufacturer. We also have a well-maintained Harris Kayot pontoon with a 135 horsepower motor to get us up and moving in case inclement weather moves in. Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures puts our own Lake Dillon twist on the experience to maximize our success for trout, salmon, and arctic char angling. All of our boats come with an 8ft Bimimi top to keep you in the shade and away from the intense high country summer sun.

Charter Trip Details

A typical charter trip with Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures begins with the guests arriving at the boat 15 minutes prior to the departure. There’s no real need to get there earlier unless you want to swap fishing yarns with your friends. We will then shove off from the slip and have your group fishing within five minutes after leaving the dock as we know of several honey holes that are close by. Our charter fishing trips last for three full hours, and you will be fishing nearly the entire time. On our five minute jaunt to the first fishing spot, our guides will tell a bit of history concerning the old town of Dillon, information on the nearby breathtaking mountain ranges, and some lore about Lake Dillon itself. Here at Big Ed’s, we are proud of the area’s heritage and love to share the local history with our guests to complement the fishing experience.

As we make a lap around the 28 miles of shoreline and visit our honey holes, your group will then get the choice to spin cast fish (retrieval-type lure fishing) with open face rods and reels at one of three river inlets or enjoy top water troll or down rig for bigger, deeper fish. We usually top water troll and spin cast on every trip, so you will get to experience both methods if you like. After all, this is your fishing trip, so let us know what you wish. Big Ed’s guides are there to work with your group to get them casting correctly, whether you’re a young, novice fisherman with no experience or an avid angler. From our experience, even young children get the hang of casting within 20 minutes into the trip. Our main goal is to make sure that your trip is a rousing success. Big Ed’s friendly staff caters to everything from the novice angling group to experienced outdoor anglers. We usually only operate the down riggers when the water temperature gets a bit warmer come late July, but we can operate them at any time upon your request.

Recommended dress for a fishing charter trip is long pants and a light jacket. Clients are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks. We value the safety of our clients, so all of our guides are seasoned with years of guiding experience and are CPR/first-aid trained. Trips depart four times daily at 6:00am, 9:30am, 1:00pm, and 4:30pm, and all trips are three hours long. Trips depart from the Dillon Marina at Dock B Slip 30. Big Ed’s pontoons accommodate 6 fishers per boat, and we can accommodate a total group of 24 people per trip departure time. Our charter trips are perfect for families, reunions, corporate team building trips, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more. Whether big or small, we fish ’em all!

We also offer a 10% large party discount for groups over 7 individuals, a 10% active military discount, and a 10% active college student discount as well. Large groups of 10 people or more will receive a 15% discount.

Our friendly, welcoming guides love what they do at Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures and come back year after year due to their joy in making fishing dreams come true as well as the breathtaking Lake Dillon scenery that surrounds each and every trip. Together with our close-knit staff of six guides, we have over 50 years of professional fishing guide experience.

Licenses and Limits

While Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures provides all the necessary gear to enjoy a fishing trip on Lake Dillon, we do not provide a fishing license. Clients that are 16 and older will need to purchase a one day Colorado fishing license, which is only $9. You can also purchase a dual rod stamp for an additional $5, which will allow you to fish with two rods in the water. Make sure that you have your license (and stamp, if purchased) in place before you arrive for your charter fishing trip. There is a fish possession limit on Lake Dillon, and this limit is 4 fish for licensed individuals and 2 fish for unlicensed individuals (under age 16).

Click Here for A Complete List Of License Sellers

Here’s Wal-Mart’s Contact information:

WAL-MART #986 PO BOX 4220 FRISCO ,CO 80443 (970) 668-3959