Ice Fishing FAQ

Will I be cold?

At Big Ed’s Fishing, comfort is a priority. We love the sport of ice fishing and want to share with you the best the sport has to offer. We know that you will not enjoy it if you are freezing cold. With that in mind, we have invested in the best portable shelters available and are able to heat them, in even the coldest of weather, to 50 degrees. We provide every group the option to fish in a heated shelter, however, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Dillon Colorado are fortunate to receive on average 245 sunny days per year. On these days, it is great to get out of the shelter and enjoy the Colorado sunshine and the beautiful mountain vistas, knowing that a warming hut is always nearby. The bottom line, you will be warmer fishing than skiing at our resorts.

How should I dress for Ice Fishing?

We have written a blog post regarding this titled How to Dress for Ice Fishing Success, for a detailed answer please visit our blog post HERE. In short, the same clothes you wear skiing work great ice fishing. If you are a snowboarder, even your boots work well. Sunglasses or goggles, hats, and gloves are strongly recommended.

What should I bring?

Big Ed’s provides everything needed for fishing (Rod’s, Reels, Tackle, Bait, Shelter, Etc…), except for your valid Colorado Fishing License, available HERE. We encourage you to bring snacks and drinks of your liking, our permit does not allow us to supply any alcohol, however, you are welcome to bring drinks of your choosing.

Can I keep what I catch?

Absolutely, and we’ll even clean them for you, however all Arctic Char and Brown Trout are catch and release. The only thing we ask is to honor the resource and eat what you keep.

When is the best time to fish?

Every chance you get! It is impossible to guess the best time of the day, week, year. It changes daily, sometimes the morning out-produces the evening and vice versa.

How much should I tip my Guide?

While nothing is ever expected and everything is appreciated, keep in mind that our guides are part of the service industry and this is a way for our customers to have some control of the service they receive. Just like at restaurants 15-20% is customary for good service. As often traveling anglers ourselves, utilizing guides, this article provides a great framework.