Some Useful Boat Safety Tips to Ensure a Safe and Happy Excursion

Few things are as enjoyable as casting a line into the waters of beautiful Lake Dillon and waiting for the fish to bite. Every guide at Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures takes tremendous pride in providing year’s worth of hard-earned fishing wisdom as well as historical anecdotes about the local area as our guests enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty. We take great satisfaction in providing a fun and informative excursion for both the novice and the seasoned angler. However, one of our main points of consideration is providing a safe experience for all our guests as we want everyone to step back onto the dock with a smile on their face and tales of the whoppers that they landed…or that got away. To that end, we would like to offer up some useful boat safety tips to ensure that everyone has a safe and great time.

First and foremost, all of our guides at Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures are CPR/first-aid trained in case of any possible emergency that may arise. As for venturing out onto the sparkling waters of Lake Dillon, we recommend that all passengers, especially children, wear life jackets at all times. We provide Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices (PFD) to all our anglers heading out on the lake. Once you put the life jacket on, don’t take it off until you’re ready to disembark back at the dock. A sudden gust of wind or an unexpected rocking of the boat may be enough to cause someone to fall over the side. In such a circumstance, you’ll be quite happy that you’re wearing a life jacket.

If you fall in the water, do not panic. Stay calm, and our guides will work to get you back into the boat. As for the weather, we recommend that you dress appropriately in long pants and a light jacket. Lake Dillon is 9000 feet above sea level, and it can get a little chilly. We also recommend that our passengers, especially children, wear sunscreen to keep from getting burned while spending a day out on the water. Polarized sunglasses can also help protect your eyes from the sun reflecting off the water, not to mention from an errant cast from one of your shipmates! Hats are also recommended to keep the sun from burning your noggin. It also helps to bring along some water to drink. You’ll be surprised how the sun and being on the water can dehydrate your body.

Another useful boat safety tip is to always handle your fishing tackle in a responsible manner. You don’t want to poke somebody’s eye with your rod or stick them with a hook (and you probably don’t want the same to happen to you!). Keep your eyes open and be alert to your surroundings. Make sure you look behind and around you just before you cast. Nothing is as irritating as accidentally tangling your line with another fisherman. If that happens, don’t worry as we won’t tell on you. The same safety rules for fishing on land also apply on the water. Use caution when baiting and removing hooks. Be careful with your fishing knife and put it away when you’re not using it. Also, make sure you handle the fish carefully as their spines can definitely leave a mark. If a hook is deep inside a fish’s mouth, then use a hook remover and not your hand to remove it.

An important safety tip while enjoying our fishing excursion is to always listen to your guide. Each of our guides has years of experience and know what they are doing. If they tell you do something, then please do what they ask. If they tell you to stop doing something, then stop. We want to make sure you have a productive and safe fishing trip. There’s no need to worry. Our guides do not turn into the Lake Dillon version of Captain Bligh. Chances are that you’ll be laughing like crazy at our guides’ jokes and having a ton of fun. One last tip to remember is to stay seated while the boat is in motion. There’ll be plenty of time for standing and casting once we reach one our coveted fishing spots.

Nate Crawford, owner-operator of Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures, says, “The basic tips for having a safe and fun time on the water are really just common sense. Watch what you’re doing, listen to your guide when they tell you something, and wear a floatation device at all times. Boat safety is extremely important as one mistake could lead to tragedy. We take the safety of our guests seriously and have a spotless safety record. Parents should always keep an eye on their children, and it’s smart to protect yourself from the elements by wearing appropriate clothing and using sunscreen. Our goal for every trip is to return you to the dock safe and sound with a big grin on your face.”